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Authorities ratify opening to follow up the Jojutla graves theme

Published in: Diario de Morelos

Victims’ families demand the identification results of 85 exhumed corpses in Jojutla’s graveyard in 2017

Published in: Conurbados

Ongoing campaign to unbury the truth in the Tetelcingo graves case

Published in: Televisa Regional

Disappeared Victims’ families in Morelos show the documentary “To See You Again”

Published in: La Crónica de Morelos

They Boost Social Change Through a Lens

Published in: Seta Diario

“To See You Again”, the tortuous path for the search of the Disappeared Published in Sin Línea Diario

Published in: Seta Diario

Government Ratifies commitment and support for the victims’ families

Published in: Gobierno de Morelos

Facing organized crime, the authorities are disorganized, without scientific nor management processes to face a foretold crisis

Published in El Universal

To dig in impunity

Published in: El Financiero

Families demand to restart work in Jojutla pit. Over 3 years without results of the Disappeared

Published in La Jornada Morelos

Documentary that talks about the clandestine graves in Morelos has been released

Published in: El Sol de Cuernavaca

Screening of the documentary “To See You Again” about the Jojutla graves. The Disappeared’s Families accuse that the State is part of the chain of missing people

Published in Cadena Sur Multimedios

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Missing people’s families that participated on documentary To See You Again share that they still hope to find their beloved ones

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Screening of “To see you again”, documentary on the Tetelcingo and Jojutla graves

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Roundtable on documentary and disappearance


Absence Geographies: To See You Again Documentary

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The Disappeared, it’s urgent the government do something: families


Screening of the Documentary “To See You Again” about the Jojutla Graves

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Documentary To See You Again


Release of TSYA (VAV) in Sheffield

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